Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Destroyed Records

I received this email and it about made me sick, what a waste. Hopefully they will be able to save some of these records.

"New Jersey Historical Documents and Artifacts Damaged in Flood Nearly 1,000 priceless Revolutionary War era historical objects anddocuments were damaged last week. Antique furniture is now being sprayed inan attempt to stop the mold, and soggy piles of documents from the late1700shave been frozen in an attempt to preserve them. Meanwhile, statebureaucrats are involved in a high-level blame game. A New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection official defendedefforts to protect the museum collection at the state-owned Steuben House inRiver Edge, where rising floodwaters from the recent nor'easter caused anestimated $1.5 million in damages. State legislators and members of theBergen County Historical Society, which owns the collection, are blaming thedepartment's Division of Parks and Forestry, which operates the house and isresponsible for securing items during a storm. Amy Cradic, assistant commissioner of natural and historic resources withthe DEP, said the on-site employee, Andrew Anderson, spent two days movingfurniture and other artifacts to the second floor and the attic. "We tookappropriate action based on our experience with past floods and theinformation available about the storm," she said. "It was an extraordinaryweather event." Sadly, that was not enough. There was sufficient room to move the items to ahigher floor in the house. Tim Adriance of the historical society said,There were plenty of volunteers available." Members of the historicalsociety even offered to help April 15 during the storm, but the Division ofParks and Forestry said that no assistance was necessary.Once the storm was over, the finger-pointing began. You can read more about this sad story in the web site at"
Sally Rolls Pavia

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