Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chronicling America

The Library of Congress and the NationalEndowment for the Humanities have debutedChronicling America, a collection of226,000 digitized newspaper pages datingBetween 1900 and 1910 from publicationsIn California, Florida, Kentucky, NewYork, Utah, Virginia and Washington, DC.Institutions in those states received theFirst grants from the National DigitalNewspaper Program, which eventually willPost historical newspapers from all states. You can search and browse the papers at: show the entire page with yourSearch terms highlighted; to zoom, useThe + button or click and drag theMagnifying glass. Click More Options forThis Page to download a high-resolutionPage image or view it in PDF or textFormat (though the latter gives you aBaffling Optical Character RecognitionSoftware translation). The site also offers a directory ofNewspaper titles. Search by place, timePeriod, keyword and type (such as anEthnic publication or one preserved onMicrofilm). Results give you informationAbout the paper and where it's available. Sally Rolls Pavia

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