Monday, March 19, 2007

More of my families

Here are some more families that I am researching Braden, Rouse, Weddle, Couillandeau, Fougeraut, DeLanville, Jubert, LeCauchois, Mustel, Copenhaver, Irwin/Irvine, Brereton, Hulse, Corbet, Summerville, Blackburn, Halterman, Stewart, Carrick and Bohannon. Anyone who might be researching one ofr more of these families can contact me.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Hi, my name is Brandie. I have been addicted to genealogy for years. I have decided to use my blog to keep people updated on genealogy news and also updates on my own family research.
I am researching many branches of my family, some of the names I am researching are: DeBusk/DuBois/DuBose/DuBosc, Ditsch, Schreiner/Schrainer, Scheurich, Murphy, Branham, Hoffman(n), Moore, Cullers/Koller(s), Clem/Klem, Nelson, Quisenbury, Tate, Simmons, Pickle, Gross, Phillippi/Philippi, Hannah, Butcher, Turner, Cunningham, Alexander, Patton, and many others. I will continue posting my names on upcoming blogs, there are many, many more.
Please continue checking back, I will be posting blogs on all sorts of genealogy information. If you have a research idea or question send me a note and I will see if I can answer it. Thanks and Happy Hunting!!!