Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cemetery in Eastern Tennessee Bulldozed

This came to me from a mailing list, very sad, hopefully they will get this taken care of.

Dorothy Lingar couldn't believe what she saw - a bulldozer shoving familygraves, both marked and unmarked, over a hill.Lingar and other family members were upset last week when the bulldozer,contracted to Vinland Energy of London, Ky., plowed through a familycemetery near Fourmile, in southeastern Kentucky. "We have never wentthrough anything like this. We're shocked," said Lingar, as she recalledwalking through the family cemetery as a child. "That's our history, ourflesh and blood, and we are upset. These were good people and they don'tdeserve to be treated this way."The incident happened Wednesday, as the bulldozer cleared land for a Vinland project in the area. Vinland Energy Vice President of Operations ScottGilbert told the Middlesboro Daily News the company is aware of whathappened at the cemetery."We're sorry that we disturbed it," Gilbert said. "We're going to do what wecan."You can read more about this crime in an article in the WKYT web site at www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/93239714.html

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