Friday, April 18, 2008

My DeBusk Ancestors

I am going to use this first blog to list my direct ancestors on my DeBusk family tree. Then I will try to do a short biography in other blogs on the people I have mentioned. So we will start with my DeBusk relatives. I have excluded any information of living individuals unless they have given their permission.

My dad: Living DeBusk

Son of: Kenneth Elvin DeBusk &
Living Branham

Kenneth is the son of: Charles Martin DeBusk &
Bessie Virginia Murphy

Charles is the son of: Ezra Newton Sheffield DeBusk &
Sarah Ann Lucinda Butcher
(Ezra married 2nd Priscilla Jane Richardson)

Ezra is the son of: John Gross DeBusk &
Rachel Pickle

John is the son of: Elijah DeBusk Jr. &
Margaret "Peggy" Gross

Elijah Jr. is the son of: Elijah DeBusk Sr. &
Katherine "Caty" Rouse

Family Stories say that Elijah Sr. was the son of: Jacob DeBusk &
(but this has been unproven)

Jacob DeBusk is the son of: Antonie DeBusk/DeBose/DuBose/DuBosc
& Unknown

Antonie is the son of: Issac DuBose/DuBosc &
Suzanne Couillandeau

This traces the family to them arriving in America from France. I will continue with the French line next week.

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Heather said...

wow you're amazing! I have been fishing online for hours tonight before finding your line. I am a DeBusk, decended from Jacob, but not sure which son, doesn't sound like yours though. You must be a master sluth! Thank you for your work and for putting it on a blog.
Heather DeBusk