Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, here is one of my long standing brick walls.

It is my great-great grandmother Agnes Branham (nee Nelson), she married Thomas Branham and had the following children, Thomas Larkin Branham (my great-grandfather), Agnes Branham, and Dulcie Branham (born 2 Feb., 1893 died 26 Feb. 1914), there might have been other children but I have not found them at this time.
The family story is that Thomas Larkin ran away from home at a young age because after years of his father abusing the family Thomas got upset while his father was beating his mother and attacked his father with a board or piece of wood. He thought he killed his father so he ran away.
No one still living could remember any family information besides this story. I was able with the help of a cousin to find out that Thomas Larkin died in California so I got his death certificate from California but the parents' names were not included on it, luckily I was able to get his social security number from the death certificate.
I used the social security number to get a copy of his social security card application which listed Thomas Branham and Agnes Nelson as his parents.
I have been able to get the death certificate for Agnes Branham from the Missouri Death Index. But I am unable to attach the actual document here but if you would like to see it here is the link:

It stated that her parents are Thomas Nelson and her mother is Elizabeth Quisenbury/Quesenbury who was born in possibly KY (Kentucky). I can not make out where Thomas Nelson was born maybe Ireland or Virginia, I just can't tell.
So, there is a lot of information available on the web regarding the Quisenbury/Quesenbery family but I have been unable to link this up and I have been unable to find anything to work with on my Thomas Nelson.

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