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Train Wrecks, Fires, Explosions and Other Disasters

I received an email from a genealogy message board and thought some of you might be interested. I gives us an idea of what was going on during our ancestors' lifetimes.
It is very interesting reading.

Train Wrecks, Fires, Explosions and other disaster
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives --
Aladdin, MO Train Wreck, Jan 1892
Aliceville, AL Cotton Warehouse Fire, May 1908
Allings Siding, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1907
Andover, OH Restaurant Explosion Kills 21, Aug 1955
Aspen, CO Delta S Mine Accident, Sept 1894
Augusta, KY Tornado Ravages Town, Apr 1857
Barrington Hills, IL Air Balloon Crash Kills Five, Aug 1981
Battle Creek, MI Train Wreck, Oct 1893
Berne, IN Fatal Train - Buggy Wreck, Jul 1896
Birmingham, MO Train Wreck, Sept 1902
Blacksburg, SC Depot Fire, Jun 1905
Blakely, PA Trolley Accident, Mar 1904
Bluff Point, NY Hotel Champlain Fire, May 1910
Bridgeport, CT Train - Auto Wreck, Jun 1923
Brownwood, TX Drownings, May 1908
Brownwood, TX Train Wreck, May 1908
Buffalo, KS Stock Train And Work Trains Collide, Apr 1903
Camden, NJ Disastrous Factory Fire, July 1940
Carbondale, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1909
Champaign, IL Devastating Downtown Fire, Mar 1915
Chicago, IL Fire In Transient Hotel, Mar 1981
Chicago, IL Hydroplane Wreck, Aug 1915
Chillicothe, MO Train Accident, May 1909
Chunchula, AL Train Wreck, Nov 1901
Connellsville, PA Elderly Boarding Home Fire, Apr 1979
Conway, MO Train Wreck, Oct 1892
Cornwall, ON Rossmore Hotel Fire, Apr 1910
Dallas, TX Explosion At Baker Hotel, June 1946
Death Valley, CA Earthquake Hits Mojave Area, Jan 1961
Des Plaines, IL Train Wreck, May 1899
Dongola, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1896
Dothan, AL PT19 Plane Crash, Mar 1952
Dubuque, IA Devastating Fire At Hotel Canfield, June 1946
Duluth, MN Bunnell Building Fire, Jun 1893
Duluth, MN St Louis Hotel Fire, Jan 1893
Durham, NC Hotel Carolina Fire, May 1907
Eagle Grove, IA Explosion In Downtown, Feb 1973
Earlville, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1917
El Reno, OK train wreck, Jan 1912
Elgin, IL Interurban Wreck, Jul 1902
Elgin, IL Streetcar Wreck, Aug 1902
Elkins, WV Box Co Plant Fire, Nov 1918
Excelsior, Lake Minnetonka, MN Fire, Dec 1894
Farmington, MO Nursing Home Blaze Kills 26, Apr 1979
Ferndale, CA Cannon Explosion, May 1908
Floriston, CA Forest Fires Rage In California, July 1924
Fonda, NY Hotel Roy Fire, Jan 1909
Forestville, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1896
Fort Wayne, IN Fell From a Street Car, Aug 1896
Fort Wayne, IN Street Car - Buggy Accident, May 1895
Fort Wayne, IN Struck by Nickle Plate Engine, Apr 1896
Fort Wayne, IN Train - Wagon Accident, Dec 1896
Fullerton, ND Depot Fire, Dec 1915
Gadsden, AL Buggy Accident, Nov 1901
Gasconade, MO Train Wreck, Nov 1855
Geneseo, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1899
Georgetown, MO Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Gloversville, NY Keystone Hotel Fire, Dec 1909
Granite, IL Train Wreck, May 1881
Groesbeck, TX High School Fire, Feb 1910
Halifax, NS Fire Destroys Poor Asylum Building, Nov 1882
Hamlet, NC Train Wreck, Jul 1906
Hamlet, NC Train Wreck, Jul 1911
Harrisons Landing, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1892
Hartford, CT Flood, Mar 1936
Hartland, WI Tornado in Waukesha 1853
Herrin, IL Muddy Coal & Iron Co Mine Explosion, May 1904
Hibbard, IN Fell Under the Wheels of the Train, Sept 1896
Hinsdale, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1912
Homewood, IL Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Hopwood, PA Fatal Auto Accident, 1937
Horseshoe, NY Hotel Fire, Mar 1910
Hot Springs, VA hotel fire, Aug 1910
Huntersville, NC Train Wreck, Jul 1917
Jefferson City, MO Train Wreck, Dec 1913
Johnson's Switch, MO Trolley Wreck, Dec 1911
Kalamazoo, MI Fire Destroys Part Of City, Dec 1909
Kalamazoo, MI Y. M. C. A. Fire, Jan 1911
Kansas City, MO Street Car Wreck, Aug 1902
Kewanee, IL Trolley Accident, Sept 1909
Keytesville, MO Train Wreck, Sept 1897
Kingman, AZ Tank Car Explodes In Town, July 1973
Kouts, IN Killed by Train's Mailsack, Sept 1896
Kusa, OK Wind Storm, Sept 1915
Lake George, NY Fort William Henry Hotel Fire, Jun 1909
Lake Placid, NY Hotel Ruisseaumont Fire, Jul 1909
Lamont, AB Train And School Bus Accident, Nov 1960
Lebanon, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1902
Lenzburg, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1899
Lincoln, NE heating plant explosion, Jan 1912
Litchfield, CT United States Hotel Fire, Apr 1910
Litchfield, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1902
Livingston, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1929
Long Island, NY Auto Wreck, Jul 1908
Long Island, NY Schooner Carrie A Lane Runs Ashore, Sept 1911
Long Island, NY Shelter Island Manhanset Hotel Fire, Aug 1896
Long Island, NY Shelter Island New Prospect House Hotel Fire, Jun 1942
Lorenzo, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1889
Los Angeles, CA Belmont Hotel Fire, Dec 1887
Louisville, NE Small Hotel Burns, Nov 1910
Loveland, CO Devastating Canyon Flooding, Aug 1976
Lumberton, NC Airplane Crash, Dec 1943
Lumberton, NC Train Wreck, Dec 1943
Lyndhurst, WI Train Wreck Kills Seven, Sep 1912
Madison, IL Train Accident, Feb 1929
Madison, IL Train Accident, Jan 1909
Mays Landing, NJ Forest Fire, May 1896
Melby, MN Train Wreck, Sept 1895
Mertens, TX Lightning Destroys Church, May 1908
Mexia, TX Cafe & Opera House Fire, May 1908
Milbank, SD Fire, Jan 1912
Milwaukee, WI Flames Destroy Orphanage, May 1930
Minneapolis, MN Brunswick Hotel Fire, Dec 1910
Minneapolis, MN carbon monoxide poisoning, Jan 1912
Minneapolis, MN Mill Fire, Dec 1881
Minneapolis, MN Security Company Warehouse Fire, Jul 1890
Mobile, AL Ferry Boat Ocean Wave Explosion, Aug 1871
Montreal, QB Tank Plunges Through Herald Building, June 1910
Moro, IL Train Accident, Jul 1892
Mount Summit, IN Fell Under the Train, Nov 1896
Mt. Hood, OR Hikers Fall Into 40 Foot Crevasse, July 1956
Muskegon, MI fire May 1891
Narragansett, RI Massasoit House Hotel Fire, Jul 1910
New Haven, CT Fire Destroys Four-Story Loft, Jan 1957
New Haven, CT Jail Fire Claims Six Firemen, Apr 1910
New Haven, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1913
New Rochelle, NY Lake View Hotel Stable Fire, Nov 1910
New York City, NY Deadly Fire On Ward's Island Asylum, Feb 1923
New York, NY Park Avenue Hotel Fire, Feb 1902
New York, NY Pearl Street Explosion and Fire, Nov 1882
New York, NY Truck - Cab Wreck, Sept 1899
New York, NY Vesey Street Wine Cellar Explosion and Fire, Sept 1898
Newark, OH Stove Company Destroyed By Fire, May 1909
Norwalk, CT Train Wreck, May 1853
Odessa, MN Train Wreck, Dec 1911
Odessa, MO Train Wreck, May 1909
Off Quonset Naval Air Station, RI Disaster Hits U.S.S. BENNINGTON, May 1954
Ottawa, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1870
Palatine, IL Train Wreck & Water Tank Collapse, Apr 1887
Pembroke, NC Hunt Hatchery Fire, Dec 1943
Philadelphia, PA "Pennsylvania Hall" Burns, May 1838
Pittsburgh, PA Excursion Steamer ISLAND QUEEN Explodes, Sep 1947
Portland, OR Sleet Storm, Jan 1912Portsmouth, NH Explosion, Nov 1878
Pulaski, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1903
Quebec, QB St. Charles Orphanage Fire Disaster, Dec 1927
Revere, MO Train Wreck, May 1892
Rib Mountain, WI tornado, Sept 1984
Ricohoc, LA Railroad Collision In Fog, Mar 1925
Rockford, IL Fire, Mar 1908
Salisbury, NC Train Wreck, Aug 1884
Salvia, NV Freight Trains Collide, Nov 1893
San Francisco, CA Cliff House Famous Landmark Burns, Sep 1907
Sand Bank, OH Train Wreck, May 1908
Seneca Falls, NY Seneca House Hotel Fire, Jun 1910
South Chicago, IL Theatre Train - Street Car Wreck, Feb 1906
St Paul, MN Mackubin's Block Fire, Apr 1868
St. John's, NF Terrible Catastrophe At Recreation Hall, Dec 1942
St. Louis, MO Glider Crash Kills Ten, Aug 1943
St. Louis, MO Missouri Athletic Club Fire, Mar 1914
Staples, MN Fire, May 1899
Stillman Valley, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1894
Stonington, IL Mine Accident, Jan 1908
Thompson Station, MN Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Tillamook, OR schooner damaged, Jan 1912
Tofte, MN Forest Fire, May 1910
Toronto, ON Airliner Crashes On Landing, July 1970
Town of Quincy, WI tornado Jul 1984
Underwood, MN Train Wreck, Feb 1906
Union Springs, AL Depot Fire, Nov 1915
Valparaiso, IN Train Accident, Apr 1896
Vivian, Byron & Wilton, MN Fire, Oct 1871
Wann, IL Train Wreck & Oil Tank Explosion "The Wann Disaster", Jan 1893
Waseca, MN Clear Lake House Fire, Jan 1868
Waseca, MN Depot Fire, Jan 1869
Waseca, MN Western House Hotel Fire, Apr 1872
Washington, DC Hotel Harris Fire, Feb 1910
Waterbury, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1907
Waterbury, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Waterloo, IN Collision Kills One And Injures Several, Mar 1917
Waterloo, SC Fire, Jun 1905
Waukegan, IL Sukes Automotive Railway Equipment Co Explosion, Jul 1923
Westport - Saugatuck, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1912
White Horse, YT Fire Destroys Two Blocks, May 1905
Wilpin, MN powder plant explosion, Jan 1912
Wilton, MN Fire, Apr 1869
Winchester, TX Train Wreck, Dec 1893
Winnfield, LA Winn Parish Court House Fire, Jan 1917
Winnipeg, MN Theatre Fire Destroyed, Feb 1952
Winona, MN Flood, Jun 1899Yuma, AZ Rowboat Overturns, Woman Rescued, Jan 1912
Various States, NC, PA, NY, CT, VA, RI, NJ, MA Hurricane DIANE, Aug 1955Various Towns, IA, NE, IL Tornado Damage, May 1899

To view any of these articles, visit http://www.gendisasters.comand click on "Browse by State" or "Browse by Disaster" in the leftside bar,to navigate to the article - or just type the information into the searchbox, also located near the top of the left sidebar


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Great list. I bought a book called Astonishing Century by Robert Joyce (Pygmalion Press) which devotes 2 pages for each year of the 20th century - which I would also recommend.

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