Thursday, November 29, 2007

Genealogy/History Web Sites

Hi everyone, this is a list of genealogy and history web sites that I received from another mailing list. I haven't had a chance to try them out so if you try one let me know how you like it and if it was helpful.

Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"©1996

Archaeology in Nova Scotia

Kansas (KS) History Web Sites: Native American Tribes, KS Trails, Forts,Cattletowns, Trails, Old West, Territorial KS Histor..


Cowley County, KansasBill Bottorff's Home Page Links.

In English.DUTCH PORTUGUESE COLONIAL HISTORY. Portugese en Nederlandse KolonialeGeschiedenis. Historia Colonial de Portugal e Holanda. ..

Guide and Index to Lists of Rulers History and info.

Native American Rhymes

Genealogy links.1st Choice Genealogy Ecards - weblattitudes.com

US State Library Links

This meta search engine spiders three book search engines.I put in " History of the Town of " and got back quite a lot.Booksearch x 3 - Search Inside Books with, Google & MSN Live

Ireland - Search List of Signers, September 28, 1912.Ulster Covenant - Search

Irish Diaspora Studies

Executions, Derby, England, UK, United Kingdom.

EnglandHistory of Guernsey Butchers

West Virginia Archives and History - Native Americans

Jewish Records Indexing Poland

Equivalent Christian or Given Names in English,Polish and German

Historical Map Archive

History of Private LifeDigital History

Ethnic AmericaDigital History

American Historical ImagesDigital History

Irish Potato FamineAN GORTA MOR - The Great Hunger Archive

InformationDartmoor Press. Devon's Premier Genealogical, Family & Local History Website

18th century cost of living - redcoats history **************************************

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